Looks like Kim Kardashian was feeling herself last night, quite literally. She contributed the visual equivalent of a humblebrag, posting a completely nude mirror selfie, with her unmentionables covered by small black boxes. Her caption “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL,” is a flex on multiple levels, as she shows off her undeniably fit physique while reminding everyone that even the richest people with the most fashion-forward spouses can still complain about not having enough.

Kim doesn’t go so far as to claim she’s breaking the internet, but she is definitely putting pressure on Instagram, whose notoriously strict nudity policies Kim is (sorta) flaunting. She avoids posting her nipple or anything that would get the image taken down, but with this much skin showing the difference is negligible.

Hopefully this pushes Instagram one step closer to lifting its nudity policy, but if not, we can appreciate how impressively Kim K has gotten back into shape after giving birth to Saint West.