Just yesterday, Kim Kardashian unleashed a slew of photos to her Instagram account posing provocatively in various states of undress. The most headline-grabbing image of the bunch was the now infamous topless photo, which had Kardashian's nipples conspicuously blurred, but not covered. Much to Kardashian's delight, her latest bit of self-promotion spread across the Internet like wildfire, while prompting a plethora of reactions from social media; some enthusiastic, others not so much.

In the images, Kardashian is sporting her latest controversial hairstyle, her "Bo Derek" braids. Many have been criticizing the reality tv star over her blatant cultural appropriation of the kulani hairstyle.

However, all of this does not matter to sister Khloe, who took to Twitter last night to fire off some compliments to Kim on her latest photographic endeavour. Khloe's tweets are single handedly supportive and emphatic, complimenting her sister on her brazen fearlessness and compelling confidence, while also commending her ability to handle the haters with ease with sassy clap backs. The mother-to-be and youngest Kardashian sister is showcasing a familial bond that is very resilient amidst public opinions and criticisms.

Peep the tweets below: