Kanye West met with president-elect Trump yesterday, a couple of weeks after he got out of the hospital following a reported mental breakdown. Kanye had spoken on his support of Trump during a "Saint Pablo" show shortly before his hospitalization, and some took the endorsement to be a sign of his unraveling mental state. After their meeting, Kanye went on Twitter for the first time in nearly two months to explain that he had talked to Trump about "multicultural issues" and stopping violence in Chicago, among other things. He was accompanied to the meeting by Corey Gamble, the 35-year-old boyfriend of Kris Jenner.

Gamble's presence at Trump Tower was requested by Jenner and Kim Kardashian, reports Hollywood Life. The ladies wanted Gamble to keep an eye on Kanye and to report back to them on everything that went down at his meeting with the soon-to-be president. Kim was apparently invited to the meeting as well, says an inside source, but she declined for "several reasons" -- "mostly because she is not a supporter of Trump." 

Going off Kanye's latest tweets, it seems the meeting went smoothly and that there was some constructive dialogue between the two egomaniacs. Many were left confused by Kanye's last tweet, however, which was simply the hashtag "2024." Up until now, Kanye had intended to make a run for the White House in 2020. Perhaps Trump convinced him to wait one more term?