Theories about Drake and Kim Kardashian have been swirling around for quite some time. They have recently reached a new height with the rapper's release of Scorpion. While many are theorizing about what may or may not have happened between the two entertainers, people close to the Kardashian camp is attempting to shut the whole thing down.

According to sources close to Kim, the whole concept is false. Apparently, the "KiKi" from "In My Feelings" and the brand that is Kim Kardashian are two separate entities, even though Cosmetics entrepreneur had been nicknamed "Kiki" by her family. She also included the name as part of her color palette in her KKW Beauty lipsticks.

Speculations will most likely continue to flow. Nick Cannon recently publicized his theories about the matter on his last visit to Everyday Struggle. Many are wondering why Kanye West would have interfered in Pusha T's beef with Drake, if not for fear of having things about his family revealed to the masses. Then again, his wife's success was built on a video of herself having sex with another celebrity, so a sex scandal might not even ben the reason within this train of thought.

We have yet to hear anything from Kim Kardashian herself. The mother of three is living her best life and celebrating her controversially banging body.