Kim Kardashian doesn't usually go for many avante-garde looks or photo shoots, however, it's looking like she decided to step outside of her comfort zone and channel her inner Thierry Mugler for her latest cover for Vogue Japan. Fans, however, don't seem to be digging the experimental shoot as much as Kim, and have taken to comparing her outlandish looks to a whole host of things, but most notably: a tampon.

The KUWTK star posted her three covers, along with several shots from inside the high-fashion magazine on Thursday with the caption, "This was an absolute dream come true for me!" Whilst several of her star-studded friends, including Ashley Graham, Malika Haqq, and Kathy Hilton are applauding her fierce looks, her fans are busy trying to come up with more, lewd red objects to compare her to. The cover photo itself features Kim in a futuristic, cherry red helmet (type-thing) and matching lipstick and jewelry, while her head is being held and tilted to the side by some ceramic looking hands. Moving through the photo series, some bizarre looks which stand out include the second picture, whereby Kim looks like a fluffy satin pillow, and a baby-doll type dress and feather headpiece moment, with the garment reading "I'm not shy I just don't like you."

It's one photo, in particular, that has people talking though: Kim in an oversized... I really don't know what to call it - duvet-looking... duvet.  And it didn't take long for fans to start comparing the look to a super-sized female product, adding  that it's "like she's being birthed." "Got sis lookin like a whole super size tampon," one fan joked, with another responding with: "you just hit the nail on the head with that." another follower responded,"Only Kim k could look hot dressed as a tampon!"