When Kim Kardashian announced to the world that she's been studying behind the scenes to become a lawyer, the reality star was met with resistance from those who brought up her past rise to fame. When she began helping inmates with their cases and aiding in their releases from jail, many didn't believe she did anything other than open her wallet and throw some cash toward legal fees. However, as time rolls on and her track record has proven naysayers wrong, inmates behind bars couldn't care less what the public opinion thinks of Kardashian because they just want out of prison.

Kim's area of focus is on low-level offenses that resulted in lengthy convictions, including many who were arrested, charged, and sent to prison for decades (and even life) on minor drug charges. Kim has partnered with lawyers Brittany K. Barnett and MiAngel Cody of the Decarceration Collective for their "90 days of Freedom" campaign, resulting in the release of 17 inmates. As their work has gained notoriety, they've been inundated with calls, letters, and social media messages from inmates or relatives of those incarcerated, asking them to take on their cases.

TMZ reports that inmates refer to her as "The Princess of Prison Reform" and states that Kim combs through each of the stories she receives, one by one, and if there are any that catch her attention, she makes sure that it's investigated by her team. In an Instagram post from last year, Barnett shared an interview that Kim gave, captioning the clip by writing that people shouldn't be focused on her spotlight image, but how she's using it to help others.