Kim Kardashian surprised everyone when she met up with the President to discuss social-political issues related to prison reform. Her efforts haven't gone unnoticed within the political community.

Ted Lieu commented on Kardashian's involvement in a nuanced matter. Although he doesn't think clemency applications should be attributed based on connections, he does favor her proactivity regarding the matter.

I think it's great that shes for arguing for clemency. I also urge the president to also look at clemency cases where you don't have a celebrity arguing for them. That's why I called for the full review of the president's pardon authority and who he decides to pardon...

There are lot's of clemency applications, and why should one get preference based on which celebrity happens to get access to the oval office. I think all clemency applications should be reviewed based on their facts."

Lieu still takes a positive stance towards Kardashian's potential future as a politician. He encourages her to take on more social issues related to the prison industry, such as bail reform and criminal justice reform. 

"I think it's great that's she's in this clemency application...I encourage her to continue working on these issues."

Even Offset sees a political future for Kim. Trump also supports Kardashian as a "good wife."