There was once a time when 6ix9ine's antics actually had some shock value to them but ever since he's been released from prison, he's essentially been a nuisance to the timeline with his obnoxious antics. Evidently, it's to gain the attention he craves in anticipation of his upcoming project which is supposedly due out at the top of next month.

The rapper paid a visit to O-Block where he mockingly visited the place where Lil Durk's cousin Nuski was killed with a bouquet of flowers. As expected, 6ix9ine was covered by security so the chances of anything happening to him personally are probably slim. Anyways, the video went viral and Durk has yet to comment on it. However, around the time 6ix9ine announced his arrival in Chicago, OTF member King Von chimed in on the conversation.

"That shit with 6ix9ine, that shit ain't cool. They got this man running around and it's funny and shit," he said. "That shit ain't funny, gang. 'Cause it's like this -- I don't know the n***a, gang. I don't give no fuck about the n***a 6ix9ine. I don't know him. But he told on all type of people, gang and get people locked up and shit."

As King Von continued to detail the impact of 6ix9ine's actions, he went on to downplay 6ix9ine's overall reasoning for snitching -- Shotti smashed his baby mama.

"I know everybody ain't did nothin' to 6ix9ine, you know what I'm sayin'? So whoever did -- they said they fucked his baby mama... Iigh, that's one n***a, gang. Okay, that n***a told on all type of n***as. That don't justify... N***as fuck n***as baby mamas all day everyday," he added. Check the clip out below.