He'd only been rapping for three years before his life was taken from him, but King Von's loved ones are committed to living out his legacy. In early November, Von was reportedly engaged in an altercation with Quando Rondo at an Atlanta hookah bar before he was shot and killed in the street. Arrests have been made in connection to the killing and as prosecutors build their case, Lil Durk and Von's friends and family remain steadfast in sharing his music with the world.

The Chicago native was on the brink of shifting into his time in the spotlight before his life was taken, and on Friday (January 8), The Source published one of the rapper's final interviews. The publication reportedly spoke with King Von just two weeks prior to his murder where he spoke about the development of his career and his life in Chicago's O Block.

"I was going down a list of sh*t I could do. There’s only so many options if a n*gga like you has felonies and sh*t," he said of his start in the rap game. "This one wasn’t working for me. This one wasn’t going right. I ain’t good at this. This is gonna get you a lot of time, so I’ma try rapping." He dispelled any thought that rapping was easy, but added that when he puts his mind to something, he'll become good at it.

Von also said that there were people who had been telling him that he should look into becoming an artist, especially because he knew Durk, but he dismissed it. When he finally approached Durk about the possibility, he shared what his friend told him. "He said, 'C’mon, but you really gotta want to do it. Ain’t no holding no hands or nothing like that. You want to do it, you got to do it."

The late rapper also revealed that he loved to read books and named some of his favorite authors. "I’m going to show you all one day. I want to write a book for sure," said Von. "I just don’t know what it’s about, though. I think I got to write a tell-all book and just release it when I die." Rest in Peace.