King Von was fatally shot after a supposed altercation with Quando Rondo and his crew outside of a nightclub in Atlanta. According to security footage that has been circulating from that night, Von approached Quando in the parking lot and allegedly threw a punch, which began a massive melée before gunfire rang out. Lul Tim, one of Quando's men, is being accused of pulling the trigger on King Von. He was arrested for the crime.

Given Von's allegiance to O'Block and OTF, his Chicago homies are going to ride for him until the end. The rapper's close ties with Lil Durk have everybody keeping their eyes on the star-studded rapper and his next moves, but Lil Durk isn't the only person that has commanded our attention.

Memo600, who worked with King Von on the song "Exposing Me", has reportedly touched down in Savannah, Georgia. That much wouldn't be big news most of the time. However, Savannah is the city that Quando Rondo calls home. Although the rapper has been moving around a lot as of late, claiming to have made his way out to Chicago, Quando's shows have been getting canceled left and right, which some have attributed to rumors surrounding Lil Durk

In the picture that Memo600 posted on Instagram, he sits on a welcome sign for Savannah, dropping the following caption: "DUCK YO SHIT". He added a black heart emoji, footprint emojis, and a drum. 

Many of the commenters are telling Memo to move in silence, while others are suggesting that he could be there to scout out Quando's spot. 

What do you think Memo600 was doing out in Savannah?