King Von's passing has been weighing heavily on the minds of many over the past few weeks. The Chicago artist was a rising star in the hip-hop world as his Welcome To O'Block project was a promising sign of things to come. He knew exactly how to tell a story and now that he is gone, many feel as though there is a huge void in the industry.

Von's family members were able to lay him to rest last week at a private funeral in Chicago. It's clear that his impact is still at the top of people's minds, including his little nephew, who appeared heartbroken about his uncle's death, on social media. In the clip below, his nephew can be heard saying "I miss my uncle" and "y'all did something bad to my uncle."

His nephew's reaction is certainly a testament to how devastating violence can be to those who are close to the victim. There were a lot of people that loved Von and we're sure his nephew saw him as someone who was like an older brother figure to him.

Our condolences continue to go out to Von's family during this very difficult time.