The passing of King Von is yet another tragic story of a young talent taken away from us so soon. Reports emerged this past Friday about a shooting that left Von in critical condition, though at the time, many were optimistic that he'd pull through. 

Over the weekend, surveillance footage and whispers of what went down circulated across the Internet. Asian Doll, who has been mourning the loss of her ex-boyfriend, revealed the rapper's last words. "Van last words was 'y'all let them n***as get up on me... stop crying y'all let them get me," she tweeted.

"Y'all left my boy when he was unarmed & he would've hawked mfs down for them & spent AGAIN AGAIN & AGAIN shit crazy I knew my boy HEART & LOYALTY wasn't deserved he's okay tho," she added.

King Von's manager and CEO of 100K Management, Jameson Francois, was there the night of the shooting and also got shot. This morning, Francois slammed Asian Doll's allegations of what went down.

"Let one more person from the outside that's close to Von keep on with all this goofy shit. I promise I'ma expose all that goofy shit, 'cause I was there n got shot behind this," he wrote. Though he didn't mention names, he went on to add that people who weren't even there should not be talking about anything as if it's fact.

"Y'all stop blaming people y'all don't even know what happen or who was involved. Y'all see one camera angel and think y'all figured it out. That goes for [ex]-girlfriend, family, or whoever," he concluded.

Over the weekend, police arrested and charged a suspect in King Von's death. 22-year-old Timothy Leeks was charged with murder and was in police custody at the hospital where he was being treated for gunshot wounds. Police said, "The homicide of Bennett is closed with this arrest.”

We'll keep you posted on any more updates.