Asian Doll has been publically grieving the passing of her ex-boyfriend, Chicago rapper King Von, who was killed last year. People have been extremely critical of Asian's posts about Von, picking her apart in her comments and disrespectfully accusing her of using Von's death for clout. She has been vocal against her haters, but Von's former manager Track is coming to her defense as well, speaking about the genuine connection that the two rappers shared in the latest clips from his interview with VladTV.

We've been keeping you posted on the latest statements from Track, including the video where he says he doesn't wish jail on Lul Tim, the man accused of killing Von. He went on to speak more about the rapper's relationship with Asian Doll, touching on her confusing claims that Von texted her that his friends set him up before she later revealed that Von's spirit told her that through an advisor. Track agrees with Vlad that her claims were "silly" but he doesn't want people to continue disrespecting the Dallas representative, saying that Von really loved her.

"No lie, you know how the media is like, 'yo, she's overplaying the situation, she's doing it for clout'? Man, you're crazy. That girl loved Von," said Track about Asian Doll. "For real, for real. They was really in love. I can vouch for that. That was really a real situation. She's probably f*cked up from that situation. This girl just lost somebody that she considered her soulmate. I feel for her and I wish her nothing but love and I wish she can heal from it. I don't like when people downplay that like she's doing it for attention."

Track says that he thinks Asian and Von were broken up for a few months at the time of his death, whereas Asian Doll has said that it had only been about a week since they broke up

Watch the latest videos from King Von's manager's interview with VladTV above, and listen to King Von's posthumous verse on the new OTF posse cut here.