Yaya Mayweather is going viral for the wrong reasons this week. The socialite is being clowned for a myriad of different reasons as people pick her apart for bringing her newborn son on a yacht, which many are saying was unsafe, and also for being so vocal (and extra) about her distaste of Pooh Shiesty and Lil Durk's hit record "Back In Blood".

Floyd Mayweather's daughter was partying last weekend when "Back In Blood" came on and, while everyone at the party was seemingly overjoyed to yell out Durk's "that's my dawg" line, Yaya didn't want to hear it. "Are y'all serious right now? Turn this weak ass song off," she whined on Instagram Live. She's been meme'd for the moment, especially since she's seemingly the only person alive that doesn't like the track. Even Lil Durkappeared to chime in on Twitter. However, even Kayla B., King Von's sister, is getting involved now.

Reposting a video of somebody mocking Yaya's video, Kayla B. co-signed the clip and stood on Durkio's side. Yaya, being so close to Youngboy Never Broke Again, likely was so vocal about her not liking the record because of YB's problems with Only The Family and O'Block through his association with Quando Rondo.

People are seemingly siding with Kayla after she posted this, despite them also saying that she's only posting it to extend her fifteen minutes of fame. Kayla gained thousands of fans following her brother's passing as she started hanging with 50 Cent, 21 Savage, and other rappers.

What do you make of this latest drama?