After starting 2-2 this season, there has been some dissent in the ranks when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings. Following a 16-6 loss at the hands of the Chicago Bears, wider receiver Adam Thielen put his offense on blast which led to some people thinking he was throwing shots at quarterback Kirk Cousins. Cousins hasn't been good enough this season and Thielen's comments made it seem like he was frustrated with the play of his highly-paid QB.

On Tuesday, Cousins took to his radio show to address Thielen's comments and even offered an apology for what's gone down this season. As it turns out, Cousins is taking full responsibility for the failures of the offense.

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

"I really want to apologize to him because there's too many opportunities where we could have hit him on Sunday and postgame," Cousins explained. "And I talk to the media, I always say until I watch the film, it's hard for me to really give you a straight answer. Well, now it's Tuesday night. I've watched the film. And the reality is there were opportunities for him."

The Vikings will travel to New York to take on the Giants this Sunday so they have a great opportunity to get back in the win column. The Giants defense hasn't been very good this season so Cousins will want to have himself a game.