Kerrion Franklin, the 33-year-old estranged son of recording artist Kirk Franklin, came forward over the weekend and accused his father of verbal abuse, leaking an explicit phone call that they allegedly had recently. During the call, Kirk allegedly threatens his son and tells him, "I'll put a foot in your ass". The heated exchange has resulted in a media circus surrounding the allegations, which continues on Monday with Kerrion's latest claims.

On Monday afternoon, Kirk Franklin's estranged son claimed that his father has also been physically abusive, explaining that their counseling didn't work because of his dad's abuse.

"Let’s dive deeper into the tape since my father won’t post it himself," wrote Kerrion on Instagram in a new post. "He has been recording me for many conversations. He has his own files. Let’s talk about why counseling stopped because you caused #Battery i still didn’t press charges and you quit counseling."

The post was directed at radio host Ricky Smiley, who allegedly commented on the matter during his show on Monday. "All the money you ever spent can’t replace the lack of effort," added Kerrion. "Threatening to beat my ass in front of TMZ too? Call me a liar again and I’ll release more tape. I’m giving you a chance to leave me alone. I said I was done, and here yaw come. Everyone except my family. Now I face the world. I am bringing awareness to #ParentalAbuse this was never about canceling My dad this was never to sabotage his entire career. This was a call to treat me better."

Plies recently cracked jokes about this situation, saying that he needs to have Kirk Franklin on his next album because of it. "He Sounded Just Like Me On That Phone Bih," laughed the pearly-toothed rapper

What do you make of Kerrion Franklin's latest claims?