Back in April, Pro Era's Joey Bada$$ came through with some intriguing news: "KIRK KNIGHT NEW ALBUM COMING SOON." Sadly, the word "soon" carries a diluted meaning in the hip-hop world. It's been several months and we have yet to receive the project, though that hasn't quelled anticipation. If anything, we're still patiently waiting for whatever the talented Kirk Knight has to offer. Thankfully, it would appear that the producer slash rapper is getting ready to kick off his campaign, beginning with a new single called "Run It Back (Freestyle)." 

Knight took to Instagram to preview the single and the video, which is set to premiere tonight at midnight. The track sounds particularly heated, with an uptempo, synth-driven instrumental. "Lately I feel like a running back," he raps, repeating the mantra for emphasis. It seems likely that Kirk will be coming out swinging, and we can only hope that this project makes good of Joey's original promise. Moreover, we hope it once again finds him reunited with Nyck Caution; in case you forgot, the duo previously made up Nyck @ Knight, who dropped off a dope project last year.