Last night, HBO aired a two-hour documentary titled The Last Watch, an intimate and detailed behind-the-scenes look at the vast and ambitious production of Game Of Thrones' final season. Though many have been reveling in tearing the show apart, The Last Watch revealed the sheer magnitude of work and commitment the cast and crew put forth in bringing the "biggest season" to life. Though much of the footage centered around the oft-unsung heroes, from the costuming department to the production team, footage of the final table read made for a highlight segment. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

With screenwriter Bryan Cogman steering the ship through stage direction, the entire living cast proceeded to read through their respective parts. Moments like the death of Ser Jorah Mormont and Varys were lived through in real time, prompting a morose response from Ian Glen, and a visibly frustrated one from Conleth Hill. There were triumphant moments, like when Maisie Williams' Arya Stark delivered the killing blow to the Night King (played by stunt coordinator Vladimir Furdik), as well as some notably tragic ones. 

The one most destined for watercooler talk and memedom came from Kit Harrington's reaction to the murder of Daenerys Targaryen. As the lines were delivered, Harrington's face reddened, his eyes lined with stunned tears. Across from him, Emilia Clarke watched with a knowing, sad smile; evidently, she had already read the scripts, and Harrington had not. Bonus points for Sophie Turner noticing his shock, and turning with the slightest grin. Check it out for yourself below.