Your beloved snappable candy bar is about to introduce a new friend. There have been rumours for weeks about a possible new flavour being cooked up at the Nestlé headquarters but finally, an official announcement has been made. Kit Kat hasn't introduced a new permanent flavour to their collection of candy bars in nearly ten years but they're ready to unveil a new vibe for our taste buds, coming through with the Kit Kat Duos Mint and Dark Chocolate.


The only unfortunate thing about the announcement is that we'll have to wait until wintertime to try out the new mini bar. Hopefully, it will be worth the wait. The new Kit Kat will combine two flavours as suggested in its title. The top layer will be minty and the bottom layer will be composed of dark chocolate. In the middle, the same familiar wafer will be completing the delicious treat's blueprint. 

As noted by Thrillist, it makes sense that Kit Kat would wait until the end of the year to roll out the new flavour. With all of the winter holidays happening around December, mint is always in season during the later months so it only makes sense that their new mini bars would be made available then. Gotta capitalize on the season, right? Will you be trying to new item?