Golden State Warriors all-star Klay Thompson admitted that it has been a challenge for him to watch the NBA Playoffs, having injured his achilles prior to the season. The Warriors guard also gave fans an update on his recovery status during a recent live stream on Instagram.

“It’s hard for me to watch, to be honest, fellas,” Thompson said while streaming from a boat. “It’s hard for me to watch because I know if we was there it’d be a different story, but you gotta channel that energy into your workouts.”

Klay Thompson, Playoffs
Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

The Warriors failed to qualify for the playoffs after losing to the Memphis Grizzlies during the play-in tournament, which pitted teams ranked 7th through 10th against each other for a playoff spot. 

As for his rehab process, Thompson says he's "made some huge strides."

“Rehab’s going very well," he explained. "I had a great day today, made some huge strides. I got some jumpers up, it just feels good to get up and down the floor right now.”

The last time fans saw Thompson compete was in the 2019 NBA Finals, during which he tore his ACL. His Achilles injury came in November 2020, shortly after recovering from his ACL tear.