Klay Thompson has been out of the Golden State Warriors lineup for two full seasons now as he dealt with an ACL injury last year and an Achilles injury this year. Despite this, Thompson remains active on the Warriors' sidelines as he provides the team with some mentorship all while giving Steph Curry a hard time whenever he approaches a brand new record. As a result of his presence, Thompson remains a fan-favorite and now, his popularity is starting to show in the form of all-star voting.

Despite not being eligible to play this season, Thompson received just under 100,000 votes for the All-Star game which makes him the 10th ranked guard in the Western Conference. Of course, his teammate Steph Curry is first on the list with over 2 million votes.

Thompson's inclusion in the all-star voting is yet another example of how the fans have a bit too much of a say when it comes to these matters. For instance, Alex Caruso was one of the more prominent players on the list last year, despite averaging single-digit numbers. As a result, the whole voting system has suffered scrutiny, and with an injured player getting so many votes, perhaps the NBA will be motivated to change things.

As for the game itself, it is set to go down on March 7th although, with COVID-19 lurking in the shadows, there is a possibility it could get canceled. Keep it locked to HNHH for more updates from the NBA.

Klay Thompson

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images