Klay Thompson suffered an ACL injury during Game 6 of the NBA Finals back in 2019. For the last year, Thompson had been rehabbing and seemed to be making a lot of progress. With the NBA season just about a month away, Thompson was expected to be back on the court for the Warriors, which would ultimately lead to a bounceback season for the franchise. Unfortunately, Thompson has faced a devastating setback as today, it was officially confirmed by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN that Thompson suffered a torn Achilles. Now, he will have to miss the entire season.

Yesterday, reports had surfaced indicating that Thompson had suffered a leg injury during practice and that he couldn't put any weight on it. Fans and players were all hoping for the best as today, he got an MRI to see the extent of the damage. On Twitter last night, there was speculation that the injury could be an Achilles, although fans were quick to swat those rumors away as they hoped for the best. 

Now, Thompson will be in for another year of rehab and will have some massive decisions to make. If he comes back, it will have been two years since he last played, which will certainly make for a difficult road ahead.

We wish Thompson a quick recovery, moving forward.

Klay Thompson

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images