Kevin Durant went down with a ruptured Achilles immediately after returning from his right calf strain. Durant will most likely miss all of next season which will surely affect his status heading into free agency. The Warriors are down 3-2 in the NBA Finals to the Toronto Raptors and will be playing their last ever game at Oracle today. Heading into the match, the Warriors will be playing for both the crowd and their fallen teammate who helped bring them to where they are now.

Klay Thompson has been a big supporter of his teammate throughout the season and today, he took to Instagram with a tribute to KD. Thompson has said in the past that Durant is most certainly a splash brother and that he is a huge reason why the Warriors have won the last two NBA championships.

Per @klaythompson:

"Gameday, and it’s obviously a big one. But DubNation, I need you to reflect on the fact that we would not be in this position if it weren’t for this man and his sacrifices. He’s the reason there are banners hanging in the rafters of Oracle. I’m gonna need every Dubs fan in the building tonight to bring the same fire K brought everyday to the court 🔥 😤!! It’s not gonna be the same running out that tunnel without u bro. We all know this is a minor set back for a major comeback !! Nothing can impede this mans greatness. 🐐 Speaking of oracle, let’s lay it all out there tonight in honor the 47 years in this beautiful building . Let’s get it DubNation! #doitforK #onelastdance"

With the Warriors dynasty hanging in the balance, do you think they'll be able to pull off the win tonight?