During Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson of the Warriors ended up tearing his ACL which cost his team a shot at the title. It was expected that Thompson would miss all of this season with the injury and that timeline still rings true, despite the NBA shutdown. ACL injuries are no joke and can take months of rehab before you get back to normal.

Now, Thompson's recovery will actually be the subject of a brand new documentary from Kaiser Permanente. This documentary is being called "Above The Waves" and will look at Thompson's physical recovery as well as mental recovery. Going through these injuries can weight heavily on a player's psyche and it looks like Thompson is ready to tell that story.

Both Thompson and Steph Curry have been injured for large chunks of time this season and the Warriors are last place in the entire NBA as a result. While this documentary will give fans some insight into Thompson's lie since the injury, it will also provide some hope that Thompson will be his normal self when he gets back.

By next season, we should be seeing the "Splash Brothers" back at 100 percent capacity. Even if you hate the Warriors, you can't help but be happy to welcome Thompson back to the court.