Klay Thompson was having a quiet season with the Golden State Warriors as his ACL injury has kept him off of the court. In fact, Thompson was destined to sit out the entire season and use the time to rehabilitate his leg. Now, the NBA has completely shutdown due to the Coronavirus which is having a huge impact on Thompson and his ability to get healthy.

In a report from Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Warriors president Bob Myers noted that Thompson and numerous other players don't have adequate facilities at their homes which means they are stuck. There will be options for players to have a trainer show up privately to their home although these efforts only go so far. 

Klay Thompson

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

“Yes, it’s hard,” Myers said. “Privately, by himself. Maybe with one of our trainers individually at his house. Even my own hip surgery recovery, anything you can do without interacting with somebody. … If you don’t have your own gym (in your house), there’s not really anywhere to go. Most guys don’t have a basketball gym in their house. They might have a weight room.”

For now, Warriors players will not be tested for the Coronavirus as they want to make sure regular people have access to the limited test kits that are out there right now. This is a virus that could play out over the next few months so it's important everyone stays vigilant.