Klay Thompson father Mychal is a celebrated member of the NBA community. After wrapping up his career with a string of NBA Championships as Kareem Abddul-Jabbar's more-than-capable backup, Mychal moved away from the game. He said it himself, he's happy to be known primarily as the "father of Klay Thompson," but real heads recognize his pedigree as a former number one overall draft pick.

After previously stating that Klay Thompson would explore his free agent options in 2019, Mychal has gone back on his word. "Oh yeah, you can mark it down," Mychal told an audience at a party held to kick off a Thompson Family Foundation’s charity golf tournament. "Klay’s going to retire in the Warriors’ uniform. He’s going to play at Chase Center, and he’s not going to be at Chase Center as a visiting player, he’s going to be a Warrior for the next seven or eight years."

Experts have spent all summer debating whether the Warriors could a find method to balance the books, year after next. Durant will be a free agent within the same time period, so decisions will have to be made regardless of management's decision to spend over the luxury tax limit. Klay is reportedly willing to take a "hometown" discount to remain in Golden State, but I'll reserve judgement until the rest of the picture becomes more clear.