No franchise has elicited more frustration over the years than the New York Knicks. Fans of the team have become desensitized to horrible play and over the last couple of seasons, the Knicks have found themselves at the bottom of the standings, as they can't even seem to notch 20 wins. These days, however, the team has a brand new coach in Tom Thibodeau, and it seems like their management is making real strides to improve the team.

In fact, the Knicks are now 17-17 following a huge win against the Indiana Pacers. With the win, the Knicks are now fourth in the Eastern Conference and fans can't believe their good fortune. After last night's game, fans took to the streets of New York in celebration, and it looked as though they had just won a championship.

While there is no guarantee that the Knicks can keep up this pace, the team is looking extremely good right now. Julius Randle of the Knicks has been on another plane of existence this season, and it's looking more and more like this Knicks squad will reach the playoffs as the Eastern Conference is wide open.

They are playing gritty basketball and if you're a Knicks supporter, you can't help but be excited for the future.

Derek Rose

Elsa/Getty Images