New York Knicks fans have had to deal with a lot of pain over the last few decades. they haven't won a championship since the early 1970s and are consistently seen as a laughing stock. Owner James Dolan is a huge reason for this. He is notorious for being the worst owner in the NBA and hasn't done anything good for his franchise for a very long time. This season has been particularly bad and Dolan is well-aware. Despite this awareness, he still finds it necessary to silence the voices of those who oppose him.

A great example of this occurred last night as his team lost to the Utah Jazz. Near the end of the game, a group of fans at Madison Square Garden began to chant "sell the team." Eventually, the fans were spotted by security and escorted out of the arena. Later that night, the fans posted about the incident in hilarious fashion. 

This is yet another example of the Knicks treating their fans poorly. Just a few days ago, there was a huge dispute between Dolan and legendary director Spike Lee. The Knicks are stuck in a state of cluelessness right now and as long as Dolan remains the owner, thinks won't change.