Oh, the New York Knicks. They are a cursed franchise if there ever was one. Back in the 90s, the team was quite good and they even made it to two NBA Finals. However, they were never able to win the championship, which as you can imagine, was quite devastating for all of the Knicks fans out there who had been waiting for titles since the 70s. Over the course of the last two decades, the Knicks have been quite embarrassing as they have one of the worst records in the league over that stretch.

Once again, this past season, the Knicks were pretty awful as they situated themselves near the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings. While fans were disappointed in yet another bottom of the barrel season, there was some hope that they could win the draft lottery and get their hands on a big-time player. Last night was their big chance as it was the NBA draft lottery. Hope quickly turned into despair, as the Knicks were awarded the 8th overall pick in the draft, while the Minnesota Timberwolves picked up first, and the Golden State Warriors finished in second.

This led to another phenomenal meltdown on Twitter, as Knicks fans and detractors rushed to social media to react to what had just transpired. Needless to say, the platform was filled with those content with the Knicks' failures, while other were in shambles.