James Dolan has been one of the most criticized owners in sports thanks to the way he has handled the New York Knicks. The team has been an absolute disaster over the last two decades and fans are fed up with the mediocrity. If you're a basketball fan, you're well aware of all the hatred that exists for Dolan and his leadership. When it comes to the media, Dolan has fairly silent about the criticism surrounding his name although it appears like he has taken desperate measures on social media. 

A Twitter user by the name of @TreyfromNY recently found another Twitter account that is dedicated to defending Dolan's work with the Knicks. In the tweets below, you can see all of the instances where this account has come to Dolan's defense and it's pretty convincing that this could be a burner account. 

If this is, indeed, a burner account, then Dolan should probably find a better use of his time. An account with so few followers won't be enough to swing the narrative that Dolan is one of the worst owners in all of sports. Regardless, the account is pretty hilarious and we can just imagine Dolan spending his time tweeting pro-Dolan propaganda. 

Let us know in the comments below if you think this is really Dolan or just a very enthusiastic supporter of his?