ESPN has reported that, according to league sources, the New York Knicks approached the Cleveland Cavaliers about swapping All-Star forwards Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love, but Cleveland was uninterested in the deal.

Carmelo has a no-trade clause in his contract but if Cleveland had shown interest in the proposed deal, the Knicks believe they would've been able to convince Melo to waive the clause so he could finally link up with LeBron James and compete for an NBA title.

It's no secret that LeBron and Carmelo are close friends and that the former is desperate for another "f*cking playmaker" but those in the know believe Cleveland isn't willing to part with Kevin Love and the role he played in helping the Cavs to their first championship last season.

The league's trade deadline is a little less than a month away, on February 23rd, so expect the Carmelo Anthony rumors as well as other trade scenarios to pick up in the coming weeks.