New York Knicks fans are well-aware of their team's shortcomings. I mean, it's well-documented. Since the 1970s, the New York Knicks have been incapable of winning anything, except a draft lottery or two, but realistically those don't actually count. Team owner James Dolan has been highly-regarded as a laughing stock and the team very rarely does anything right. Now, the team is under more scrutiny as they are casting themselves as the odd-man-out for the NBA's new idea.

Earlier today, we reported that the NBA plans on doing a second bubble city in Chicago, except it will be for the eight teams that didn't qualify for Orlando. Well, according to the New York Post, the Knicks are the only team with no interest in participating in the second bubble. Instead, the Knicks would rather wait until after the draft and hold a regular training camp.

Of course, the Knicks have every right to refuse such a thing although, at this point, it's suspicious that it's always the Knicks that find themselves in these predicaments. Clearly, some things just never change, regardless of the personnel.

Stay tuned for updates on the NBA's bubble cities as we will continue to bring you the latest.