Jimmy Kimmel's plan to incorporate NBA coverage into his regular programming has not gone unnoticed. The nightly "Game Night" segment will run the course of the NBA Finals and should include plenty of surprise NBA guests making Tinsel Town their home base during the offseason. Directly after Game 1, Jimmy Kimmel aired his "Mean Tweets" segment with NBA Talent taking up the spotlight.

NBA players are no stranger to trading blows, either on the court or on Social Media. You can generally guess how the invited guests fared, based on their character, or the character they portray on the court. Suffice to say, some players revolted at that mere mention of ridicule, others were more up to task.

One player in particular, Hall of Famer Tracy Mcgrady had his appearance compared to Steven Urkel. Andre Drummond of the Detroit Pistons was victim to the age old "blind as a bat" Stevie Wonder joke when it came down to his inability to hit free throws on a consistent basis. Even Kobe kept his composure when one Twitter user compared him to Seel. Evidently Kobe's non reactive response had everything to do with the joke not registering at all. Sadly the R&B singer continues to deal with the physical consequences of his chronic illness.

See how Charles Barkley, Jimmy Butler, DeAaron Fox, Kevin Love, Rachel Nichols, Scottie Pippen, Glenn Robinson, Jalen Rose, Ben Simmons and Stephen A. Smith all fared in the face of criticism.