Kobe Bryant is one of the most beloved basketball players of all time and ever since his tragic death earlier this year, fans have been trying to soak in as much Kobe content as possible. Last night, Episode 5 of ESPN's "The Last Dance" was dedicated to Kobe and he was heavily featured in the first five minutes. The documentary recounts the time Jordan and Kobe faced off in the all-star game and how Jordan already had a ton of respect for Bryant.

Bryant was interviewed about his interactions with Jordan and as the Lakers legend explained, MJ was a huge mentor to him. Kobe even got a little teary-eyed as he talked about how Jordan reached out to Bryant and let him know that he could ask for advice at any time. He went on to say that without MJ, there is no Kobe Bryant and there are no five NBA titles.

Kobe Bryant is the closest player we have ever seen in terms of matching the skills of Jordan. Kobe was a menace out on the court and there are numerous clips of him pulling off the exact same move as MJ, on the exact same spots on the court.

Seeing Kobe get emotional while speaking on Jordan made the audience tear up as well and we're glad to have gotten this incredible insight.