Almost six months ago now, Kobe Bryant and his daughter were tragically killed in a helicopter accident that claimed the lives of seven others. It's a horrific tragedy that many are still shaken up about. Kobe was one of the most influential basketball players of all-time and if you ask any player in the league, they will tell you that Kobe was an inspiration to everyone. For many fans, this sentiment rings true and it's still hard to believe that he is gone.

Kobe's social media pages are still up, and Instagram has decided to add a tiny memorial on his IG page. The social media platform has been known to do this in the past for other notable deceased people, and Kobe is no exception. Now, if you go over to his page, the word "Remembering" can be found at the top in his bio.

While it might just be a subtle change, there is no denying that it brings back sad feelings for many fans out there. Even after six months, it is still incredibly hard to believe that one of the NBA's biggest legends has passed on.

It's been said before but we'll say it again: RIP Kobe.