Kobe and Gianna Bryant tragically passed away on January 26th in a helicopter crash that claimed the lives of seven others. It's been a month since the tragic accident and fans are still confused as to how a basketball legend could die so suddenly and without warning. Throughout the last few weeks, there have been numerous tributes that pay homage to Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter. Earlier this week, a memorial was held at the Staples Center which saw thousands of people come together to celebrate the lives of two beloved humans.

Sharia Washington is Kobe Bryant's sister and now, she is getting a tribute of her own. In the Instagram post below, you can see that Sharia got a Kobe and Gianna tattoo. There is a snake signifying the Black Mamba and it is shaped like an infinity sign. From there, Gianna's number 2 and Kobe's number 24 are placed within each loop.

Many of Kobe's friends and fans have gotten similar tattoos. These pieces of art help keep his legacy going forever and it's beautiful to see so many people come together and create tributes that are near and dear to their hearts. It's a big commitment to dedicate space on your body for a tattoo of someone. The fact that so many people have made that commitment is a testament to the impact of Kobe and his daughter.