A rapper's chain is emblematic of their personality. It's viewed as an important purchase for a star-in-the-making to continue establishing themselves. Generally, a rapper will go toward the extravagant, icing out a gigantic cartoon character à la Gucci Mane or commissioning a jeweler to make something that represents you at your deepest point. Or, if you're Lil Uzi Vert, you might forgo the entire chain situation and just get a $24 million pink diamond implanted into your face instead. 

Over the years, Kodak Black has stunted his signature chains around Florida, much like Lil Yachty has done in Atlanta. Kodak is known for repping 1800 Block in Pompano Beach, getting his hometown emblazoned on a pendant. Lil Yachty, referencing his name, has an anchor iced-out in diamonds. Both rappers have multiple pieces that they alternate, so it's not a big deal if one of the necklaces falls out of rotation. On Wednesday night, Kodak and Yachty pulled off a chain switch, swapping necklaces and posing for one of the hardest pictures of the year.

Following his $50,000 gift to Yak, whom he lobbied with Trump to pardon, Lil Yachty took a picture with Kodak as they met up, handing each other their respective chains as a show of unity. For two rappers that once seemed to be awkward around each other (or at least, they seemed to be during their 2016 XXL Freshman Cypher), they've certainly become good friends.

In other Kodak news, the rapper was rushed to safety after a recent show when his security noticed a red beam shining on his stomach, either from a laser pointer or a gun. Watch the scary scene here.