Kodak Black seems to be absolutely everywhere these days. And he's popping up alongside all of the hottest artists in the world. Just the other day, he was spotted in the studio with Post Malone and a few moments later, videos of himself, Metro Boomin and Travis Scott jamming started circulating. Last week, we got to hear Kodak's first offering since he was released from prison as he collaborated with Gucci Mane and Bruno Mars for "Wake Up In The Sky." It's looking as though he has more in store in the high-profile collaboration realm as Pharrell just published a photo of the two together, teasing some upcoming work.

Pharrell is one of the most creative individuals in the industry and as he's been striving both in the music and fashion landscapes, he seems to be working with Mr. Black on something. Kodak deleted his earlier post but Pharrell kept his up, teasing a future collaboration between the two stars. The "Tunnel Vision" artist seems genuinely excited to be in Pharrell's presence, flashing his pearly whites for the camera. Of course, the "Sniper Gang" caption, being Kodak's crew, adds more fuel to the speculative fire.

Kodak is definitely stepping more and more out of his comfort zone these days and a collab with the N.E.R.D. frontman is another step in a new direction for him. What do you think their finished product would sound like?