Yak is home. For the past few months, Kodak Black and his attorney made public pleas to the 45th president of the United States to help get the Florida rapper out of prison. It was never clear if Trump actually caught wind of these comments until recently. The rapper was freed from prison this week after Trump commuted his sentence, along with many others. It was 45th's bid farewell to America.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Trump's exit from office has been messy and with an impeachment underway, it appears that he might not ever be able to hold office again. In fact, it looks like his post-presidency will be filled with legal issues stacked to the roof. Nonetheless, the people who Trump helped did offer public appreciation for his acts but Kodak's eccentricity takes the cake for being the most creative. Kodak shared a meme of Donald Trump's face photoshopped onto his head with the rapper's iconic Wicks and all. "I Was Already Fuckin Wit Yo Campaign But Shidd We Locked In Na," he wrote, tagging the @POTUS45 account. Shortly after, he shared a picture of a brick of gold with Trump's name across it.

This was sent after he released a formal statement after his release from prison, thanking Trump for his commitment to criminal justice reform and for shortening his sentence. The rapper didn't waste time getting into the booth, releasing his first post-prison record, "Last Day In" yesterday morning.