There sure is a great deal of drama on social media. You can't scroll on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter without running into some kind of drama. And we seem to love it. Were things more simple before social media though? There may have been less internet flexing and beefing in the '90s, but trust and believe that humans have been embroiled in drama since the beginning of time. Still, Kodak Black believes that social media has made life more complicated. 

"Life is really simple, social media made it complicated," tweeted Black. His words sound wise, but Black does seem to enjoy social media himself. The rapper was just on social media throwing $100k into the ocean for clout. “I Broke You Off When Dem Fuck Ni**as Wouldn’t Give You A Dime !!! I Ain’t Owe You Shit Ni**a I Just Wanted To See You Shine!!!” he captioned the clip. “Yeen Never Gave Me Shit Ni**a I Had My Own Grind!!!”

Kodak Black's social media antics are legendary, but maybe he should take his own advice if he thinks social media makes life more complicated. Admittedly, much of Black's antics only gain him more notoriety though.