Kodak Black turned 24-years-old last week and he celebrated his Mamba birthday by decking out his Tesla Model X with a custom purple and yellow wrap, making a tribute to late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. When he showed off the pimped-out ride, he did so in over-the-top fashion, filming all kinds of content for his social media channels. Right next to the Lakers-inspired car, Kodak had a mini-helicopter customized with purple and yellow colors, which has been the source of much backlash in the last few days.

Circling back to his birthday festivities, Kutthroat Bill showed off another look at his Tesla and helicopter, and finally, people have noticed how strange the tribute is-- especially the inclusion of a Kobe-inspired helicopter, considering the circumstances behind his death.

"I’m Ouchea 24 a Day I’m Like KOBE," wrote Yak as his caption. In the comments, people are speaking about the low-key disrespect being shown by the Florida rapper, who is obviously aware that Kobe passed away in a helicopter crash.

"nahh bro not the helicopter...." said one of the top comments. "dude really chose a helicopter out of everything to my purple and yellow. Smh, inconsiderate," added another. "Idk about the helicopter dawg," said somebody else.

Do you think he could have gone without the odd helicopter inclusion? Or is Kodak just being Kodak?