Whether he was drinking too much lean or not eating enough vegetables, Kodak Black was not in the best shape of his life when he was arrested and sentenced to prison time. The Florida rapper claims that he was severely mistreated while he was locked up, accusing the prison guards of doing some horrendously humiliating things to him. Some people are theorizing that he may have been going hungry in his cell, referencing the Project Baby's new slender frame, which was shown in a series of videos from his recent trip to the jeweler.

In addition to his massive new forehead tattoo and his much-longer hair, people have been remarking the stark difference in Kodak Black's frame, reacting to new pictures and pointing out that he's much skinnier today than he was a few years ago. While many are claiming that Skinny Kodak is going to drop some bangers, much like he did with his "Last Day In" release last week, others are hoping that he bulks back up and starts looking like his old self again.

"I ain’t seen kodakblack that skinny since 2015," said one fan, commenting on the latest photos of Yak shopping for new diamonds. Others are asking him to come through with a Lil Big Pac 2 tape now that he's lil again. 

What do you think of Kodak's new look? Are you a fan of his new face tattoo?