Kodak Black is blessed to be one of the most popular rappers on the planet. He's made millions of dollars since the beginning of his music career and, despite having been wrapped up in legal difficulties for the last little while, he's still making sure that he gives back to the people who taught him his ways.

With his lawyer fighting to get him in an appropriate prison, Kodak Black was in a giving mood, explaining that he's made so much money that he just wants to help his family out where he can.

"#Jumped Up Out The Womb Like My Daddy The Devil. My Granddaddy On Yo Side Had 27 Kids He Died In The Middle Of His #Testimony," wrote Kodak on Instagram. He goes on to explain that he hasn't seen his father in a while but that he's got lots of love for him. "I Accepted The Fact You My Ol Boy & I Appreciate You Not Flushing Me Down The Toilet Or Wasting Me On The Bed Somewhere. Imma Have [My Cousin] Maniac Get This To You! How Imma Run Up M’s Out Here & Not Give You A Lil Taste?"

The post attached shows Kodak's dad receiving a brand new truck, fully paid by the rapper. 

That wasn't all though. Kodak also got a truck for Bradford Cohen, his lawyer, explaining that he sees him as much more.

"Anyone Can Be A Daddy But Everyone Cant Be A Father. Calling You My Lawyer Would B Disrespectful," wrote Kodak about Cohen. "God Put You In My Life & You’ve Been A Father Figure To Me. Happy Belated Fathers Day and Happy Belated Birthday Pops . I Love You. Take Me To Meet Randy Orton When I Get Home. With All The Third Party Dealings Sorry You Got This Late, I Hope You Like It."

Shout-out to Kodak for keeping his people provided for. Free Yak.