It's been a tense few weeks for Kodak Black as he's verbally gone toe-to-toe with damn near everyone on social media, so the rapper is taking some time off for a Bahamian vacation. He shared a video on Instagram of a recent encounter with a fan as he was making his way to the beach with friends. "Is that Kodak?" a blonde woman says out loud before walking up to the rapper and caressing the back of his head.

She was speechless for a moment and then wrapped her arms around Kodak's neck in a close embrace. He hugs her back, but things get a tad awkward as she presses herself up against him. She finally lets Kodak go and asks if she can take a photo with him and he kindly obliges. "It's f**king Kodak Black!" she yells. "Holy s**t!" the young woman repeats as she jumps up and down.

She then takes him by the face and kisses him on the cheek. "I don't know if you're with a girlfriend but I wanted to kiss you." The two pose for the picture and once it's all over she struggles with saying goodbye. "Wait," she begins. "I love you." Koday replies, "I love you, too," which hits her somewhere in her feelings because she bear hugs him again, kisses him on the cheek, and runs off to tell her friends about the encounter.

With as much heat as the 21-year-old hip hop star has been catching lately, much of which he's walked right in to on his own, it's nice to see how the fans love on KB. Michael Rapaport may not approve, however.