Kodak Black's legendary spazz out antics almost got him thrown in jail last night, per TMZ. Luckily Kodak Black was never charged, he was eventually free to go home, or someplace else, so unless the LAPD issues a statement on the matter, and they likely won't, we may never know what transpired inside Playhouse Nightclub on Friday night. There is, however, a video that shows us Kodak Black stewing in handcuffs, his back against the wall, while a nearby officer holds the perimeter around his vehicle. Check out the short clip posted by DJ Pharris.

TMZ is under the impression the cops who detained Kodak Black, did so in order to keep him calm and collected while they sorted a bigger. It's unclear whether anyone else was arrested, under any circumstances whatsoever. Kodak, who is expected to release the second project overseen by Atlantic Records since Painting Pictures, was facing a possible 12-year jail sentence before receiving a commutation, and a premature release in August. Since returning to "normal" citizenry, Kodak has exerted a good level of restraint by focusing the majority on his career relaunch, but not without a few hiccups along the way. Let's make certain we never have to mutter "Free Kodak" again.