Kodak Black may be a controversial rapper, especially when he's firing off whatever thought happens to come into his head, but damned if he hasn't remained true to his vision one hundred percent of the time. To this day, Kodak has retained a following of loyal fans, many of whom have grown to appreciate his dedication to keeping true to self. And while the musical output may have slowed since his incarceration, Kodak has still managed to keep himself occupied through other endeavors, including a new season of his web series City Of War.

In case you don't know, City Of War is a crime series created by Richwood Florexil and Vincent Escobar that follows both gang members and law enforcement in South Florida. In 2019, Kodak signed on as an executive producer of the series, and today he's come through with a reminder that the second season has officially begun.

Taking to Instagram to share a teaser, Kodak fired off a few hype-inducing words about what's still to come. "I'm gonna give the streets something REAL to watch while y'all in quarantine," he writes, alongside a small teaser. "Get ya popcorn ready cuz my show CITY OF WAR is back!! OUT RIGHT NOW!!!! Go watch on my YouTube!! But make sure y'all subscribe to my otha YouTube channel SNIPFLIX, we gonna be releasing new shows and movies."

Should you be curious to see what this one is all about, be sure to check out the most recent episode below. A warning -- seeing as it's the premiere of the second season, there will be spoilers for the story as a whole. For those who are already on board with City Of War, sound off with your thoughts in the comment section.