It's nice to know that even though we're in the middle of a global health crisis, Kodak Black still has his priorities right. Back on Valentine's Day, the Florida native wrote a poem for Euphoria actress Zendaya, wishing she would pay him a visit in prison. At the time, the display of affection seemed sporadic, especially considering the two don't have much of a history at all. Several moments ago, the rapper showed his love to the star again, this time posting a picture of her randomly on his page.

"Beautiful Picture @zendaya," commented Kodak on the picture, which shows Zendaya with another female model. Not much context was offered as to why he decided to share the image, but it's always nice to hear from Kodak Black these days.

Kodak Black Zendaya
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

It's unclear if these two have ever even met, which makes the situation even more perplex. However, Kodak Black simply isn't letting up. He may be locked up for the next few years but, when he gets out, he wants a shot with Zendaya.

The "ZEZE" artist was arrested last year for lying on an application to buy a firearm. He stated that he was not a convicted felon but, after a quick background check, the feds discovered that he's been convicted for several crimes in the past.

Do you think he has a chance with Zendaya?