Florida rapper Kodak Black is in a rough spot right now, currently spending the next few years in prison on weapons charges. He was caught falsifying information on an application to obtain a firearm, lying about his status as a convicted felon, which led to his latest stint in prison. The artist has been complaining about his treatment behind bars, calling out correctional officers and the justice system for intentionally acting as though he were garbage, disallowing visitors and refusing to serve him meals at times. He was eventually moved to a new facility and, as a result, needed to take new mugshot pictures. Those have now landed online.

Arriving at his new temporary home, Kodak Black snapped some photos for his record, smiling and offering fans an updated look into how he's doing. In the photo, he looks to have had a stressful few months, but at least he's got a smile on despite all the bullshit.

Kodak Black recently shared an address where fans are able to send him letters, pictures, and more, inviting his supporters to keep him occupied with ample reading material.

He released his latest song "Because Of You" from behind bars, even teasing an album at times. 

Free Yak.

Kodak Black Mugshot
Rich Fury/Getty Images