Kodak Black may be sitting behind bars, but that hasn't stopped him from participating in an exploration of self. Not long after issuing a guilty plea in a federal gun case, Kodak took to Instagram to muse on his current predicament. "4 Months Ago I Was Jus Facetiming Da Baddest Females On Planet Earth , Na Im Makin Jail Calls Waitin On Mail Call," he wrote, perhaps indicating that he was on the verge of some personal growth. Now, with his sentencing looming on November 13th, Kodak has taken a moment to offer some motivation to his fellow heartbroken jailbirds. 

 Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images 

Perhaps retaining his internet privileges as a result of good behavior, Kodak fired off a Tweet that may very well reveal his current headspace. "Yo Girl Got A New N***a But She Gone Leave Em When You Released lol," he writes, perhaps implying that Heart Break Kodak is indeed on the verge of a comeback. It's unclear what prompted this one to surface, but it's clear that Kodak isn't about to let his soul mate get away. Might this be the source of his infamous "I hope so?" 

One thing is for certain. Kodak may be feeling the blues, but that's not about to keep him from holding it down on "Motivation Monday." Not even a broken heart.