The one thing that most people appreciate about rap music is that it comes from the heart. Much of the genre is based on pure emotion, allowing artists to take on the role of a poet to tell compelling stories about their lives. How can somebody speak on their own experiences if they're not the person writing the songs though? That appears to be Kodak Black's thinking process. Considering most of his music details his journey from the projects to where he is today, Kodak is a fan of artists who speak on their life experiences in their music. Thus, it makes sense that he would go after people using ghostwriters to create their tunes.

Kodak has been extremely active on social media since getting released from prison, updating fans on the status of his book, his new music and general Kodak-isms, including why he doesn't let his son watch Mickey Mouse. One of his recent messages shared his disapproval of artists relying on others to write their music. He wrote, "I Hate Finding Out That People Be Writing You People Music ... I Can’t Even Believe Y’all No More." While he's not necessarily referring to anybody in particular, Project Baby is taking issue with anybody enlisting the services of a ghostwriter.

Many would agree with him in his replies, with the majority of fans simply begging him to drop his own music. While Kodak hasn't officially announced any new projects, he's been spotted in the studio with several artists recently, including Post Malone the other day.